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English corpora
Brown corpus (AmE 1961)
China Daily Political News 2011
CLOB corpus (Brown family, BrE 2009)
Crown corpus (Brown family, AmE 2009)
Novels by Charles Dickens
Durban Climate Talks Corpus (China Daily & New York Times)
Friends (Sitcom transcripts)
The Independent Corpus (2009-2015) 231 million words
PATTIE corpus (Preschoolers- and Teenagers-oriented Texts in English, 2 million words)
TED Speeches (En)
TIME Magazine Corpus (1923-2008) 196 million words
English for Specific and Academic Purposes (ESP and EAP) Corpora
BAWE (British Academic Written English, for in-house use only)
Business English Corpus (2 million words compiled at the University of International Business and Economics, China)
Contemporary College English (Xiandai Daxue Yingyu, for in-house use only)
COLEN (Corpus of English textbooks)
MedAca corpus (Medical English Discourse of Academia by FJMU & BFSU for in-house use, 1 million words)
NESSIE Corpus 1st release (NESSIEv1, Native English Speakers Similarly or Identically-prompted Essays)
NESSIE Corpus 2nd release (NESSIEv2, Native English Speakers Similarly or Identically-prompted Essays)
Learner English corpora
LINDSEI (for in-house use only)
LINDSEI-POS (for in-house use only)
TECCL (Ten-thousand English Compositions of Chinese Learners) Version 1.1
Original Chinese corpora
Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese version 1 (LCMCv1, Brown family, 1991)
Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese version 2 (LCMCv2)
Works of Mo Yan (Chinese Nobel Laureate for Literature) (for in-house use only)
TORCH2009 (Texts of Recent Chinese, Brown family, 2009, 2013 summer edition)
The UCLA Corpus of Written Chinese (2nd edition)
Translated Chinese corpora
The Contemporary Chinese Translated Fiction Corpus (CCTFC)
ZCTC corpus (ZJU Corpus of Translational Chinese)
Parallel corpora
Babel Parallel Corpus (en->cn)
Babel Parallel Corpus (cn->en)
TED Speeches (cn->en)
TED Speeches (en->cn)
Translated English corpora
Hong Lou Meng (Trans by Xianyi Yang and Gladys Yang)
Corpora of European Languages
Chinese Learners Icelandic Corpus (CLIC2012)
Griechische Nachrichten Korpus
Grimm Maerchen (Grimms Fairy Tales)
Hong Lou Meng (Russian Translation)
Icelandic Parsed Historical Corpus (IcePaHC, PoS tagged version)
Icelandic Theses by Native Icelandic Speakers (NativeICE)
Spanish Novel Corpus
Strafgesetzbuch (The German Penal Code)
Sunzi Kunst des Krieges (German translation of Sunzi Bingfa)
German version of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (for in-house use only)
Corpora of Other Asian Languages
United Nations Corpus (Arabic)
Welcome Speech by President of Tokyo University (test data)
System messages
2015-12-24 Notice
Dear users,
Due to the upgrade of our IT infrastructure, the address of this site will be changed from to from this weekend.
Please update your bookmark accordingly. Sorry for any inconvenience.
2015-12-19 BFSU CQPweb
Thank you for accessing Crown and CLOB Corpora at BFSU CQPweb. At the moment 41 corpora are available. More corpora will be uploaded. A quite guide of CQPweb (in Chinese) can be downloaded from http://www.bfsu-corpus.org/static/corpus_tools/CQPweb_guide.pdf.

The BFSU CQPweb was set up by Mr. Liangping Wu and maintained by Dr. Jiajin Xu and Mr. Liangping Wu of the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education (www.bfsu-corpus.org), Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.
2014-09-09 How to cite
Please refer to: 'Andrew Hardie. 2012. CQPweb - combining power, flexibility and usability in a corpus analysis tool. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 17(3): 380-409' and 'Jiajin Xu & Liangping Wu. 2014. Web-based fourth generation corpus analysis tools and the BFSU CQPweb case, Waiyu Dianhua Jiaoxue [Computer-assisted Foreing Language Education] (5)' for English and Chinese introductions to CQPweb.
2014-01-26 A new metric (Effect Size or %DIFF) of keyword analysis
Recently we have implemented a new complementary metric (Effect Size or %DIFF) to log likelihood ratio (LL) of keyword computation proposed by Dr. Costas Gabrielatos and Anna Marchi. Please refer to http://repository.edgehill.ac.uk/4100/ and http://repository.edgehill.ac.uk/4196/ for explanations about Effect Size of keyword analysis.
2012-10-06 Disclaimer
The corpora mounted at our site are for academic purposes only. Please let us know, if any of the texts contained in our corpora might cause any potential infringement of your copyright. We will remove the portion of text(s) asap.

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